I want to attend with friend’s/family – how does this work?

Friends and Family can book additional bedrooms “without a view” for their overnight stay, but they can join you to view the performance together in the main Bedroom “with a View” – we will try to allocate the bedrooms as close as possible to your friend’s/families room.
add additional bedrooms for your friends and family, once you buy your ticket “with a view” go through to additional extras and you can book the additional beds at that point. Additional bedrooms for your other guests’ overnight stay must be booked at the same time as the main viewing bedroom.
(If you wish to book additional bedrooms “without a view” later, you must call the Events team on 01293 884806 ext 2006)

To remain in line with government regulations, groups up to 6 guests only are allowed per bedroom to view the performance

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